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Holy shit

2012-07-06 02:44:43 by Falkontenebrae

I jsut realized I haven't touched my Newgrounds in fucking forever. If this were a room in my house there would be dust on everythiiiing
Hello NG, it's been a while
How've you been?


2010-11-01 00:24:22 by Falkontenebrae

Hope you had a happy one


2010-03-29 16:39:25 by Falkontenebrae




2010-01-07 15:03:43 by Falkontenebrae

Happy New Year's, Newgrounds! What a glorious year this shall be. May good fortune follow you wherever you go, and may your life be wonderful. Now GO and enjoy life!



2009-11-15 01:05:36 by Falkontenebrae

They're more fun with that special someone, trust me


Theres no sense crying after every mistake,
Just keep on trying, through every take.
You get what you put out, you need to see,
Life is what you make it to be.
Happiness can come in many forms
Even after your spirit is torn
Sadness and despair weigh you down
Make you cry like a bad clown.
But happiness, shared with friends,
Lasts until your inevitable end.
Find one you love, care for him or her,
Show them you really care.
Happiness won't find you,
Unless you look for it, too.

Art Submission

2009-09-18 17:38:42 by Falkontenebrae

Anyone wanna click that link up there on my main page and scout/review/critique a drawin I did?

Wait, I can't show you squat. I deleted the image, and i don't really feel like resubmitting it, especially since all thats happened since I uploaded it. So, no picture for you. I'm no good of an artist anyway.

Some funny vids for ya

2009-09-01 10:31:56 by Falkontenebrae

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I need some help thinking

2009-08-11 13:46:38 by Falkontenebrae

I need you, the person who just entered this page, to help me think of some mythological creatures, other than elves, werewolves, and vampires. They must also be a hominid and humanoid. Other than that, they can be anything. You could even come up with an original species, but make sure you describe them to me in detail. They can also be from any (fantasy) game or other existing mythology. I'm looking foward to hea-er reading- the suggestions. Thank Ye!!

My birthday

2009-07-23 18:31:01 by Falkontenebrae

It happened. There was cake (I'm telling you that cake is real!). I got money. I am done here with this post. No video or picture cuz I don't feel like it